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Image by Alex Glebov


Untouched nature in Kamchatka

03.09.2021.  -  11.09.2021

2998 Euros

Naturally powerful but little-known Faroe islands are located in the Atlantic Ocean between Norway and Iceland. Untouched and full of natural beauty. Faroe islands impress with spectacular mountain scenery, cliffs, ocean and small villages with traditional buildings with turf roofs. Faroe Islands belong to Denmark, but its people, language and nature are closer to Iceland. Only 50,000 inhabitants live on high Danish standards and prices. In 2015, the Faroe Islands was named the No. 1 destination for travelers in the world by National Geographic.

Available places: 8




Tour leader -  Kristaps Veide


Hello dear traveler!


I invite you to join our group tour to

Kamchatka - one of the top destinations

to explore pure nature and diverse landscapes. This time we have a great chance to stay all nights in a comfortable hotel with a hot pool outside. During excursions we will use bus, boat and jeeps to explore volcanoes, beaches, rivers, ocean and mountains. Kamchatka is as close and comfortable as never before.

Experience - First visit to Kamchatka, special price offered.

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